• establish and provide quality research outputs based on international standards for research;
  • empower Paulinian Educators through innovative research and,
  • assist in the creation of a culture of research in all SPCEM schools.


The research programs include action and empirical researches, and other basic/original research that contribute new knowledge and shall be guided by the following principles:


Inter-disciplinal research studies that presents a more holistic perspective of the issue being studied are encouraged.

Policy Orientation

Researches that are concerned with the policies and regulations of the institution are expected to generate output and policy-models for strategic decision-making.


Researches that are expected to contribute to explaining the relationships of different phenomena and the building of theories, concepts, and perspectives are preferred over researches that simply documents observable factors.


Research serves as a unifying means of strengthening bonds among members of the community and expands one’s acquisition of shared views in a collective pursuit of relevant knowledge and institutional excellence. Research activities should extend collaboration among administrators, faculty and student researchers and with other external institutions and agencies.


Research outputs and procedures must comply with local and international research ethics standards, as well as to Catholic research ethics protocols.

Social Impact

Studies should have a strong impact on the larger community and contribute to the fulfillment of national and global goals and aspirations. Researches should provide opportunities for individuals to contribute to the preservation of Filipino values and culture; esteem, respect and reverence for history and national heritage.

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