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The issue on Paulinian identity and branding has to be established as the first step for this formation program to set sail. Without a “paulinian mold or image” to serve as a standard or icon of “Who a Paulinian is”, there can never be a well-defined formation program for Paulinian formators.

There is a need then to unravel the many layers of “wrappings” and remove the “markings” that we inadvertently painted on our Paulinian Identity, and heed to the call to standardize our brand, ministry-wide.

The excerpts from the talk of Mother Gabriel de Marie McGrath in SPU Manila, 1957 can shed light to our search for our identity:
“…because of our private history, we could set down the following as peculiar marks of Paulinian Education:

  • IT IS SIMPLE – focused on the essentials.
  • IT IS WARM – we lay greater stress on the love of God, rather than fear of Him. Warmth characterizes the relationship we build in school.
  • IT IS ACTIVE – our girls are exuberantly active on all fronts: music, drama, oratory, journalism, the Sodality.”

“We believe that education is the complete and harmonious development of the physical, mental and moral faculties of a person… that this life is only a preparation for the next, and therefore, the most important thing is not how one is judged by men, but how one is judged by God…our object is not merely social efficiency. WE TRAIN OUR STUDENTS FOR LIFE – LIFE IN TIME AND IN ETERNITY; PARADOXICALLY, THEIR TRAINING FOR LIFE IN ETERNITY BETTER PREPARES THEM FOR THE WORLD. Permeating all our efforts, giving life and reason to our untiring search for improvement, the guiding principle of our community is CARITAS CHRISTI URGET NOS!”

In 1957 or early on, a Paulinian was defined as: warm, simple and active, trained and formed for life in time and eternity whose guiding principle in all that she does is: Caritas Christi Urget Nos!

Toward the end of the 1980’s the contextualization of these 3 peculiar marks of Paulinian education was articulated by the lyrics of the Paulinian Mission Song, culled from the proceedings of the Provincial Chapter: “My goal as Paulinian is this – to proclaim Jesus Christ as the good news to all in response to the need for total salvation from materialism, unjust structures and apathy through education and care of the sick.”


...inspire one to take the path of our Founder and first Sisters – the Paschal way:
  • from materialism to simplicity,
  • from a world of unjust structures to a world filled with warmth,
  • from apathy to active involvement, uplifting the human and spiritual condition of the people they serve, motivated by the charity of Christ, whom they have known and experienced through their formation years in school.

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